1. Log in to your coral.co.uk account.
  2. Access the quiz lobby and select one of the available Scheduled Games.
  3. Press Join Room to enter and submit the Entry Fee displayed. Any Free Games offered will not require the payment of an Entry Fee.
  4. Depending on the quiz game that you have selected, Coral will automatically match you with other players who have chosen to enter the same game.
  5. A quiz game will begin once the scheduled time has been reached.
  6. Once the scheduled time comes, the quiz game will start, and a countdown timer will appear. Players will have to answer the questions selected by the system and appearing on screen before the countdown timer reaches “0”.
  7. Answer the questions which appear on screen by clicking/tapping on the options you believe to be correct.
  8. The questions will be shown in a 'two right' format. This means that a pair of questions will appear on the same screen and players will have to select one possible correct answer for each question within the allotted time indicated by the countdown timer.
  9. When the countdown timer runs out, the answers selected by the players will be highlighted in green, if correct, and red, if incorrect.
  10. Each correct answer submitted by a player within the allotted answer time will earn the player 100 points.
  11. When a player answers correctly, in addition to the 100 points awarded for each correct answer, they will be awarded one additional point for every second of the allotted answer time remaining on each correct submission (of either one or two correct answers).
  12. At the end of the quiz round, the total prize pot displayed on screen will be distributed to the players who have accrued the highest number of points. In the event of a draw, the prize will be split equally among winners.
  13. The number and value of prizes available will vary based on the number of participants according to the percentages included in following pay-table:
Players Position 1 (%) Position 2 (%) Position 3 (%) Position 4 (%) Position 5 (%) Position 6 (%) Position 7 (%) Position 8 (%)
1 70.0000              
2 70.0000              
3 70.0000              
4 70.0000              
5 66.5000 3.5            
6 66.5000 3.5            
7 66.5000 3.5            
8 66.5000 3.5            
9 58.3333 9.3333 2.3333          
10 58.3333 9.3333 2.3333          
11 58.3333 9.3333 2.3333          
12 58.3333 9.3333 2.3333          
13 58.3333 9.3333 2.3333          
14 58.3333 9.3333 2.3333          
15 58.3333 9.3333 2.3333          

By way of example, if 10 players participate in a quiz game, the 70% of the total prize pot, that is, the amount displayed on screen, will be allocated as follows: 58.33%  to the highest scoring player, 9.33% to the second highest, 2.33% to the third highest.

  1. Winnings will be credited automatically to the winning players accounts.
  2. Points cannot be exchanged for any other reward or cash.
  3. Points cannot be sold or transferred to other players.
  4. If you pay the fee to enter a quiz game and later exit the game before the countdown timer has started, the entry fee will be refunded to you. If you exit the game after the countdown timer has started, the fee will not be refunded to you.
  5. In the event of a technical failure which causes you to get disconnected while playing a game, your points will be calculated based on the number of questions you have answered correctly before being disconnected.
  6. Where we suspect that a player is guilty of fraudulent activity, using software, script or any other automated means, we reserve the right to suspend or remove that player from the game, and/or suspend that player’s account. Any prize awarded to the player will be void.

Last modification date: 12/16/2020