Party Xtra

The Party Xtra game is a mini-game version of 80 ball bingo. i.e. 4X4 bingo tickets (16 numbers on each ticket). The balls are coloured differently per column on the bingo ticket (numbers 1 - 20 in red, numbers 21 - 40 in yellow, numbers 41 - 60 in blue and numbers 61 - 80 in white). Each ticket comprises of 4 random numbers between each colour category per column.

In Party Xtra you can buy up to a maximum of 4 tickets.


The prizes available in the game are published both before the game starts and during game play.

Before the game hover over the 'i' next to the game name to see how the prizes can be won, their prize names and values.

During game play the prizes are always on screen. Details of winners and the current prize being played for, is illustrated:

The prizes will differ per game.

There are 7 different game types in Party Xtra with different prizes available

 Single Prize won by completing a full ticket
 Single prize won by completing a ticket with free squares
Special, House
 2 Prizes 1st is a special pattern, the second for the full ticket
4 columns
 4 Prizes. One column, 2 Columns, 3 Columns and Full House
Single Line
 Single prize won by completing a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line
Single Line, House
 Two prizes, the first for a single line, the second for a full ticket
Single Line, Columns, House
 4 Prizes. Single Line, 2 columns, 3 Columns and Full House.

For games with special and full house only patterns, your tickets will appear with the free squares which you don't need to complete to win.

You will be a winner and will receive the current prize regardless of whether you have marked/dabbed the numbers on a winning ticket.   The bingo game will automatically identify a win.

More than 1 player can win any prize where the criteria are met on exactly the same ball. In such circumstances the cash prize will be split in equal proportions between the winners. Winnings will be deposited directly into the player's account.

How to Play

There are 3 ways to buy tickets.

You can buy tickets for a game on the Ticket Purchaser before the game starts. Use the + or - buttons to select the number of tickets or click the Select All button to select all unpurchased tickets.

You can also click on the tickets displayed to select/deselect tickets.

You must click the Buy button to complete your purchase and enter the game.

See the Bulkbuy / Schedule View section for details of how to buy tickets in bulk or advance.

Once the countdown to the game has completed, the game will start. You will be able to see the game regardless of whether you have tickets or not:

The numbers on your tickets will be automatically dabbed as the caller calls out numbers and will reflect how close you are to winning the current prize, i.e. 2TG, 3TG etc.

When a prize is won, a win animation displays the winner's ticket, their chatname and the amount won.

Swap Tickets

Before a game starts, you have the opportunity to Swap your tickets! So if you don't like the tickets you have you can change them by clicking on the Swap button:

The Swap button will only be available if you have not already bought tickets in the game. You will only be able to swap your tickets up to a maximum of 3 times in any one game.

Change View

When the game starts, you can choose 2 views in which to see the game.

Click on the 4 ticket button to switch from 1 Ticket view to 4 ticket view.
Click on the 1 ticket button to switch from 4 ticket view to 1 ticket view.

  • If you are playing the game in 4 ticket view then ticket sorting will be switched off.
  • In 1 ticket view ticket sorting will be automatically switched on and the ticket closest to winning will display.
  • If you are just watching a game and switch to 1 ticket view, the 1st ticket is shown.

Bulkbuy / Schedule View

You can also buy tickets in advance of a game via our Bulkbuy / Schedule View - just like for any other bingo game.

Simply click on the Bulkbuy button on the Ticket Purchaser or open the Schedule and navigate to the Party Xtra room to see which games you can buy in advance for.


The Party Time Jackpot a fixed jackpot amount which you can win if you win the Full House prize in 40 ball calls or under.   This jackpot can only be won on games where you must get all numbers on the ticket; pattern sets which give free squares are excluded, e.g. Topless, Bottomless etc.

If there is more than 1 player who wins Full House in 40 ball calls or under in the same game, the £250 jackpot will be shared equally between winning tickets.

You will be notified of any Jackpot win at the end of the Bingo game.

We reserve the right to amend any rules relating to the Jackpot at any time.


In the case of any malfunction, all bets and winnings are null and void.

Unresolved bets

Unresolved bets placed but remaining undecided in incomplete games will become void after 90 days and will be forfeited to charity