Emmerdale Bingo Room

The Emmerdale Bingo game is a 90 Ball Bingo room, featuring 5 additional ‘Emmerdale Trail’ Jackpot locations and after the main bingo game the ‘Country Miles’ feature game.

Game Prizes

The prizes offered prior to each bingo game are the minimum guaranteed prize amounts, the actual prize is determined by the number of tickets purchased per game. The more tickets purchased, the bigger the prize pot!

In some games the prize amount may be rounded.

There are up to 5 prizes that can be won in each game of Emmerdale Bingo – 1 Line, 2 Line, Full House, One of 5 Location based Jackpots and a Country Miles prize.

In order to be eligible to win an Emmerdale Trail Jackpot prize in any Emmerdale Bingo game you must play with at least 1 ticket. Only players who purchase 6 or more tickets in the room will accumulate Country Miles.

The Emmerdale trail Jackpots are won by the Car stopping directly at one of the five Emmerdale destinations. The Trail has 90 steps in total and Emmerdale jackpot locations are situated at the 20th, 40th, 60th, 80th and 90th points on the road.

At the end of the standard Bingo game, the number called on the Full House ball call will determine how many moves the Car will drive. If the Car stops directly at a Jackpot destination the Jackpot is won, the pot will be paid out to the relevant winner(s) and will be reseeded to begin re-accumulating funds for the next win. If the Car drives past a Jackpot destination the amount is not won and will continue to accumulate until that Jackpot is won.

Tickets and Strips

There is also a Country Miles post game feature available, Miles are accumulated for moves driven on the Emmerdale Trail. Each move out of 90 represents 0.011 of a Mile, after you have collected 50 Miles you will win a Bonus prize redeemable on our exclusive Emmerdale Bingo game.

Car Position

When the Car has made a full lap around the Emmerdale village (1 to 90) the car will start a new lap of the village. The Country miles score will be reflective of the amount you have collected relative to steps moved in all games.

Please see the "Playing the Game" section below for more details.
Playing the Game

f you have purchased tickets for the current game, once the game begins the screen will change so you can participate in the bingo game. Please see the following sections for game play help.

Winning a Prize

There are up to 5 prizes to be won in each game of Emmerdale bingo - 1 Line, 2 Line, House, One of 5 Location based Jackpot and a Country Miles prize.

Emmerdale Trail Jackpots

The game features a Car which moves around the Emmerdale village at the end of each game, depending on the number that was called when the Full House prize was won. The Car will drive a corresponding number of moves along the Emmerdale trail. If the Car stops directly on an Emmerdale Jackpot location, a prize will be won

The Emmerdale village trail has 5 jackpot locations.

  • The Woolpack: at location 20
  • Café Main Street: at location 40
  • The Grange B&B: at location 60
  • The Vets: at location 80
  • Dingles’ Garage: at location 90

In order for the Emmerdale location Jackpot prize to be activated you must have played in a game where the Car stops at one of the Jackpot locations in the village. All Jackpots other than the Dingles’ Garage prize are paid out to the Community. The Dingles’ Garage prize is a Jackpot amount reserved for the Full House winner only.

JackpotName JackpotType New Fixed Amount
The Dingles Garage Full House Winner(s) only £75.00
The Grange BnB Community £50.00
Cafe Main Street Community £50.00
The Vets Community £50.00
The Woolpack Community £50.00

Country Miles  

Emmerdale Bingo features a Country Miles feature game, where players can collect Miles to win a prize. Each time you buy a minimum of 6 tickets, you activate the Country Miles feature game. Every move that the Car drives along the village Road will count as 0.011 of a mile. In order to win the Country Miles prize the player must collect a total of 50 Miles. Keep playing to collect more Miles to win the prize.

The winnings from the Country Miles prize will be paid out as an Emmerdale Bingo Bonus.

The player’s progress towards winning the Country Miles prize is recorded during the game, the player has visibility of this each time they enter the Emmerdale Bingo room.

If you are playing or watching a game of Emmerdale Bingo, the Game Details area of the bingo window displays information on the current game:

  • The Game Name e.g. The Dales
  • The Number of Players.
  • Details of the prizes on offer in the Emmerdale Bingo – 1 Line, 2 Lines, House, Emmerdale Trail Jackpots, Country Miles prize and the value of each prize.
  • The current Emmerdale Bingo prize being played for in the game is highlighted.
  • Position of the Car in the village and the current available prizes.


In the case of any malfunction, all bets and winnings are null and void.

Unresolved bets

Unresolved bets placed but remaining undecided in incomplete games will become void after 90 days and will be forfeited to charity