80 Ball Bingo

In the 80 Ball Bingo game, a ticket is an individual grid of 16 squares made up of 4 rows and 4 columns.

Each square contains a number so 16 numbers appear on each ticket.


Once the game has started then tickets will show a unique ticket number.

In the 80 Ball Bingo game, a strip is a group of 5 tickets. Every possible number from 1 through to 80 will appear on each full strip.


Game Prizes

The prizes/jackpots offered in each bingo game each have a minimum guaranteed jackpot but the actual prize is determined by the number of players/ticket purchased per game. The more players/tickets purchased, the bigger the game prizes!

In some games the prize amount may be rounded.

There are 4 different game types in 80 Ball Bingo with different prizes available.

Any Single Line - Has one prize available which is any line. The player who is the first to have all the numbers called in either a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line, or mark all four corners or four middle squares, will win.

Any Line, House - In this game type, two prizes are on offer. Firstly players will play for the any single line prize as explained above, secondly players will play for the full house where the first player to have all 16 numbers marked off one of their tickets will win.

Any Line, Columns, House - In this game type four prizes are on offer. The first prize is any single line as described above. The second prize is won by the first player to mark off all numbers on any 2 lines vertically (i.e. 2 columns); the third prize is won by the first player to mark off all numbers on any 3 lines vertically i.e. 3 columns. The final prize is won by the first player to mark off all 16 numbers on one of their tickets.

Full House or Pattern Game - For this game type there is only 1 prize. The prize can be either coverall/full house, where the player must cover all numbers on the ticket. Or a specific pattern will be defined; in this case the player must complete the pattern defined.

Playing the Game

If you have purchased tickets for the current game when game play begins the interface will change and you will participate in the game of bingo.

Winning a Prize

You will be a winner and will receive the current prize regardless of whether you have marked the numbers on the winning ticket. The bingo game will automatically identify a win. Winners will be visibly published in bingo and the Bingo Caller will make an announcement.

More than 1 player can win any prize where the criteria are met on exactly the same ball. In such circumstances the cash prize will be split in equal proportions between the winners. Winnings will be deposited directly into the player's account.

If you are playing or watching a game of bingo the Game Details area of the bingo window displays information on the current game:

  • Game Name i.e. Line & House, Any Line, etc.
  • Number of Players
  • Details of the prizes on offer in Bingo and the value of each prize
  • The current prize being played for in the game is highlighted


In the case of any malfunction, all bets and winnings are null and void.

Unresolved bets

Unresolved bets placed but remaining undecided in incomplete games will become void after 90 days and will be forfeited to charity