1980 Bingo Room

Take a trip back in time to the days of the Cabbage Patch kids in our 80-Ball Bingo Room.

Big hair, shoulder pads, Madonna, Wham!, Rubick's Cubes - stick on a tape and play our 80-Ball Bingo Room!

If you are a fan of Party Xtra Bingo, then this is the room for you! Much like those games our 1980 room boasts an array of brilliant 80 Ball Bingo games.

80-Ball Bingo gives you the added excitement of playing for lines not only horizontally but in vertical and diagonal directions too! Look out for prizes when you fill in all four corner numbers or four middle squares on their ticket.

Room Open: 9am - 9pm.

Room Highlights:

BOGOF  (But one get one free) games from 9- 10am.
4 Column games from 10 - 11am.
Pick N Mix games from 6 -7pm
Any Line & House games from 7 - 9pm