Superbooks Tickets


A Superbooks game gives you an additional purchase option within a free bingo game. This will mean that you have the opportunity to play with both free and paid for (Super) tickets within the same game.

Ticket Type Comparison

The table below highlights the differences between Free and Super tickets.

Split Wins

When there is a split win i.e. more than one ticket wins a single prize. If all the tickets in the split are of the same type – either all Free or all Super – then each winner will receive an equal share of the specified prize amount for that type of ticket. If the split is divided between both Free and Super tickets, the win amount for each ticket will be a proportion of the prize for that ticket type. For example, if 1 Free ticket and 1 Super ticket win, the Free ticket will receive 50% of the free prize amount and the Super ticket will win 50% of the Super prize amount.

Therefore, if the Super prize is £50 and the Free prize £10 and there is a split win.

The Super winner receives £25 and the free ticket winner receives £5 (50% of their respective prize amounts).

Buying Tickets

Super tickets can be purchased through the usual purchase mechanisms for a game.

A Superbooks game will have a maximum ticket allocation. As a player, you will always play with that maximum allocation. However, you decide how many of those will be Free and how many will be Super tickets.

You can advance purchase for Super tickets, but not Free tickets.

If you advance purchase at least 1 Super ticket for any Superbooks game, you will be allocated the remaining tickets as Free tickets if you are in the room, at any point, during the purchase period for that game. If you are not in the room during the purchase period, you will only play with the Super tickets you purchase in advance through either the Bulkbuy tool or advance ticket purchase window.

If you want to play with all Free tickets in the game, all you need to do is click the “Confirm” button.
In order to purchase Super tickets, you must adjust the slider to the number of Super tickets that you require.

You are able to use the purchaser to upgrade any of your Free tickets to Super tickets at any point prior to ticket sales closing.
Any ticket that you manually select will become a Super ticket. You will not be able to manually select Free tickets.
A Super ticket will be shown as having the Superbooks logo as a watermark.