Chat Acronyms

Players can use Chat Acronym symbols in the chat room. To do this simply click on the smiley face symbol in the bottom right hand side of the chat area and then select which acronym you wish to use. Players can only use a maximum of one chat acronym per line of text.

The following list is a guide to the Acronyms or the Chat Language used in our chat rooms:

Acronym Translation
aamof As A Matter Of Fact
asap As Soon As Possible
asl Age, Sex, Location?
b4n Bye For Now
bbl Be Back Later
bf Boyfriend
bfn Bye For Now
brb Be Right Back
btw By The Way
cu See You
cul Catch You Later
cya See You Later
fcol For Crying Out Loud!
fyi For Your Information
gf Girlfriend
gg Good Game
gl Good Luck
gla Good Luck All
gr8 Great
hagd Have A Good Day
imho In My Honest Opinion
jk Just Kidding
k Ok
l8r Later
lol Laugh Out Loud
lmao Laughing My A$$ Off!
lyk Let You Know
noyb None Of Your Business
np No Problem
omg Oh My Gosh
plz Please
rotfl Rolling On The Floor Laughing
sry Sorry
thx Thanks
ttyl Talk To You Later
ty Thank You
w8 Wait
wb Welcome Back
wd Well Done!
wtg Way To Go!
yw You’re Welcome
? Please Explain
?4u Question For You
4TG 4 numbers to go
3TG 3 numbers to go
2TG 2 numbers to go
1TG 1 numbers to go