Bingo Boom

Bingo Boom

Bingo Boom is a new 90 ball bingo game with an added feature where the full house winner(s) has the opportunity to multiply their prize by 2, 3 or 4 times.  The multiplier is achieved by playing the Bingo Boom feature game, matching the same colour gems as they are being called. 

Bingo Boom Standard Prizes

There are three standard prizes to be won in the Bingo Boom game:

  • 1 line- Matching all the numbers on one Horizontal line in a ticket
  • 2 lines- Matching all the numbers on two Horizontal lines in a ticket
  • Full House/Bingo – Matching all the numbers displayed in a ticket.

When all numbers in a ticket are matched, you will be a winner and will receive the current prize.

The Bingo game will automatically identify a win and display a win animation notification and the Bingo Caller will make an announcement. Winners will be visibly published in bingo info panel.

Two or more players can win/share a prize in bingo, i.e. players may have tickets which meet the prize criteria on the same ball. In such circumstances, the cash prize will be split in equal proportions between the winners.  A single player may also win a prize more than once too. Winnings will be deposited directly into the player's account.

The Bingo Boom Feature game

Bingo Boom includes a special feature game that players can play during the standard game play. During the Bingo game, as the numbers are being called, gems will appear in the feature grid.

Each player needs to arrange their gems into position using the Left and Right buttons (or swipe on Mobile/Tablet devices).

The objective is to match 3 or more gems of the same colour in a Horizontal, Diagonal or Vertical pattern to receive points. When the gems are correctly matched, the block will explode and the player will obtain points based on the amount of gems matched. Points will be accumulated as follows:

  • 3 gems match – 10 points
  • 4 gems match – 20 points
  • 5 gems match – 40 points

 While accumulating points the players will each unlock different multiplier values that will increase their Full House prize, in case of a win on the main Bingo game. The points required to unlock the multipliers are as follows:

  • – 99 points - Multiplier x 1
  • 100 – 199 points – Multiplier x 2
  • 200 – 299 points – Multiplier x 3
  • 300+ points – Multiplier x 4

Points will reset to zero at the start of a new game.

Only the Full House winner(s) will get the multiplier for their share of the prize. 

If the gems reach the top of the grid, then the multiplier feature is over and players can no longer accumulate points during that Bingo game. 


In the case of any malfunction, all bets and winnings are null and void.

Unresolved Bets

Unresolved bets placed but remaining undecided in incomplete games will become void after 90 days and will be forfeited to charity.